K I N was born from a childhood dream of founder Mariana Neves. Mariana was born in the Algarve, Portugal, and so the beach is part of her life. After a few years the idea materialized and together with her boyfriend, Luís Vala,

K I N came to life, a modern swimwear in contemporary cuts and minimal style.

The name K I N, like the dream of having a swimwear brand, came up one summer afternoon on the beach.


"Kin" in Japanese means golden. Besides being a cute little name, we thought it made perfect sense, because one of the summer color is golden. Golden as the sun, golden as the sand and summer skin.

Like Mariana, Luís also grew up near the sea, in Peniche, Portugal. So one of their concerns was finding sustainable fabrics to support the sea and our planet.

Sustainability is no longer a choice, it is a necessity. One of our collections is 100% recycled and sustainable produced by using regenerated ocean plastic waste. With this collection we want to honour our oceans and our planet by encouraging our customers to be conscious consumers.

K I N are based in Lisbon and all the pieces are designed and produced ethically in Portugal.


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